Company Profile

Lagos Office

Shop 9, Modquz Complex (a.k.a indomie shopping complex ) 2 Efutunsin Street beside Town Hall
Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria

Port Harcourt Office

10 Eneka Road, Rukpoku Port Harcourt,
Rivers State, Nigeria.

Phone No:
08029157214 08022520651 07037286537 08178233619

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Isoman Engineering Limited

Isoman Engineering Limited is an household name that provides professional and excellent services in the following areas: Data Centre Construction and Cable Management, Cooling System installations, Battery Installations, Structured and Power Cable Installations, Power Equipments Installation, Electrical Power Design, Security Control and Environmental Monitoring System Installation, Lagging Installation etc. Based in Lagos Nigeria, Isoman Engineering Limited has successfully implemented several Projects in Communication, Commercial, Construction, Residential and Industrial Sectors

With our well – defined focus towards achieving our Vision, there are key fundamental drivers, serving as a means to achieve our goals. Our Vision and Mission are thus stated as follow:

Vision Statement

The company will continue to move forward to become the leading Engineering firm in consulting, supervising/managing and implementing Engineering projects in Nigeria and eventually in west Africa, which shall be consistently guide by acceptable local and international standards.

Mission Statement

Building competence and value for the organization in order to be unique, distinct and excellent quality delivering Engineering firm in meeting customer’s need or requirement. Undertaken Engineering projects with a focus on and bearing in mind cost effectiveness, excellent quality delivery, timely delivery and customer’s satisfaction.

Focusing on the organizational growth and appreciating the contribution of our distinguish customers and our excellent personnel’s towards the growth. Ability to deliver in conformity to the acceptable local and international standards to meet customer’s satisfaction.

The Future of ISOMAN Engineering Limited

pro2 With our Vision, Mission, and focus, our main goal is to control growth and sustain profitability in the future. Our obligation to our clients, personnel’s, and shareholders remain the primary focus of our operations and is defined by our core values. As we move into the future,

Isoman Engineering Limited is better prepared now than ever before and will take its ventures beyond the design stage – creating a physical reality that can be seen, touched and felt. Knowing fully the rough road ahead,

we are ready to take on whatever challenges that come our way without losing sight of our vision.

Isoman Engineering Limited, we are all committed to excellence and growth.

Quality of Services

QUALITY SERVICES, which will be more robust and which on the long run will be the most cost effective in this age of scarce resources. Isoman engineering limited offering quality service in any of our chosen aspects of engineering does not occur by accident. It is a product of corporate discipline, nurtured by the high class management structure since the inception of the company and this has since become the Isoman tradition –Outstanding Services.

Key Function of Isoman Engineering Limited

Since 2010 the company's mainline operations have been commercial installations, industrial installations, contracting services, procurement and supplies, residential installations and general maintenance. Isoman Engineering Limited has been providing a total service from design, project management, contracting services and detailed execution with special reference to installation a through to commissioning and follow on maintenance. Other key functions include Data Centre Construction/Data centre revamp or refits, refits of electrical machinery and systems, such as; UPS, Inverter, stabilizer, rectifier etc. Isoman Engineering Limited also deploys solution such as; construction of mains and low voltage panel, automatic transfer panel, phase selector panel, phase correction panel etc.

Fields of Operation

  • Commercial sectors
  • Industrial sectors
  • Residential