Data Center Constructions

Data Centre construction is not limited to the following design and concept:

  1. Planned layout for the computer room (guided by spaces and the size available)
  2. Structural/Civil construction of the Data Centre.
  3. Cooling (Air Conditioning: Capacity, Type and Locations)
  4. High Voltage (HV) Power Supply System
  5. Mechanical/Electrical Works
  6. Low voltage (LV) Power Distribution System within the computer room and within equipment racks.
  7. Lighting, Emergency lightings and Signage
  8. Access control, Security and surveillance systems.
  9. Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression System.
  10. Integration of the Building Management System (BMS) with other command and monitoring network.
  11. Project Management Issues
  12. Health and Safety Issues
  13. Operation and Maintenance.